Volume 2, 2009

Archiv – Volume 2, 2009


Lenka Špičanová and Pavlína Springerová
Institutional and Geopolitical Changes of the EU from the Perspective of Spanish National Interests

Petr Kaniok

Party Based Euroscepticism: Opposing the Commission or the European Integration?

Aline Sierp

Nostalgia for Times Past: On the Uses and Abuses of the Ostalgie Phenomenon in Eastern Germany

Article reviews

Decentralization and Authoritarianism in China (Review of: Landry, Pierre F.: Decentralized Authoritarianism in China. The Communist’s Party Control of Local Elites in Post-Mao China)
Reviewed by Stanislav Myšička

Book reviews

The Changing Face of WMD Proliferation (Review of: Russell, James A. and James J. Wirtz (Eds): Globalization and WMD Proliferation: Terrorism, transnational networks, and international security)
Reviewed by Ondřej Filipec

Will the New Global Order indeed be Post-American? (Review of: Zakaria, Fareed: The Post-American World)
Reviewed by Michal Brumar