About the Journal

The Journal is devoted to the study of contemporary European politics and society and its integral component within political science. It comprises theory, empirical work and policy analysis. A particular emphasis is placed on the perspective of Central Eastern Europe. The CES will publish articles by political scientists and other scholars engaged in political research. At the same time the Journal aims to be accesible to policy-makers and practioners and seeks to encourage informed debate on European issues.
Preference will be given to articles of theoretical or comparative nature, but short research notes, review articles and reviews on books and other publications in specific areas of political science will also be published. CES is a peer-reviewed journal, published bi-annually (June, December). CES is a peer-reviewed journal, published bi-annually (June, December).

Place of Publication:     Czech Republic
Type of publication:     Electronical Paper
Published by:     Palacký University
Language:     English/Czech
On-line version since 1. 1. 2013 – ISSN: 1805-5133
Printed version till 31. 12. 2012 – ISSN: 1802-4289
Included in the Research Databases: EBSCO, CEEOL