Abstract Lenka Špičanová and Pavlína Springerová

Institutional and Geopolitical Changes of the EU from the Perspective of Spanish National Interests

Lenka Špičanová and Pavlína Springerová

Abstract: This text deals with the period of Spain’s entry and presence in the European integration project, analysing the most relevant changes in the first and third pillar from the perspective of Spanish national interests. The article is focused primarily on changes in the institutional position of Spain based on an analysis of the position of Madrid in negotiating particular treaties (Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice) and the priorities related to the economic integration and socio-economic cohesion in the EU. The secondary objective is to compare PSOE and PP governments in terms of their defence of national interests.

Keywords: National Interest, Spain, González, Aznar, European Union, PP, PSOE, Institutional Changes, Geopolitical Changes, Cohesion