Abstract Šulák

Regional Strategic Planning / Strategické plánování (v) regionu

Tomáš Šulák

Abstract: The article deals with a detailed description of strategic planning for regional development, its importance, requirements, and recommendations for its creation based on experience from processing the LEADER strategic plans in MAS Moštěnka Partnership and MAS Moravská cesta. The article can serve both future and already existing regional partnerships as a guide for creating such strategies. The article includes the three basic parts of processing strategies for development: the analytical, the strategic and the implementation. The analytical part introduces the situation and SWOT analysis as the basic tools of a preparatory stage of any project cycle. The strategic part offers recommendations from the field of current processing of the plans for development; i.e. articulating visions, priorities, specific measures, and activities which serve to meet the targets set; it also includes recommendations for creating a hierarchical umbrella structure of integrated strategies for the development. The implementation part mainly provides advice in the area of organization structure. The article is supplemented with numerous visual examples, recommendations for setting up financial plans, linking priorities and choosing monitoring indicators or organizing brainstorming workshops.

Keywords: Strategic planning, urban development, regional development, MAS