Abstract – Karabová Filipec

The Europeanization of Slovak Political Parties: the Case of Smer – Social Democracy, the Slovak National Party and Most-Híd

Denisa Karabová, Ondřej Filipec

Abstract: Europeanization is an ongoing process influencing various aspects of member states’ political systems including political parties. Based on Ladrech’s approach to analysis of Europeanization of political parties, this article examines the impact of Europeanization on three Slovak political parties which are members of the government coalition formed after the elections of 2016, notably Smer – Social Democracy, the Slovak National Party and Most-Híd. The article is conceived as a comparative analysis involving three different subjects focusing on the patterns of Europeanization within five areas defined by Ladrech including program changes, organizational changes within parties, patterns of party competition, party vs. government relations and party relations beyond the national level.

Keywords: Europeanization, Political Parties, Slovakia, SMER – Social Democracy, Slovak National Party, Most-Híd, the European Union