Abstract Hellová

The Parliament Election 2010 as a Test of Women’s Political Leadership

Dana Hellová

Abstract: Historically, all avenues of public power had been controlled by males and those men have continuously structured institutions, created laws and established moral codes in society. In political area this situation has been mirrored in low participation of women in politics and consequently low level of women’s political leadership. The goal of this analysis is to appraise the impact of different recruitment methods of the Slovak political parties on the creation of the candidate list and consequently on the final result of the 2010 general election from the perspective of women candidates. Unlike the general expectation, the analysis has shown that more decentralized process of recruitment in a party is not positively related with better outcome for the women candidates. Thus, it is likely that other determinants than party structure play a major role in “success” of female members in election.

Keywords: Recruitment Process, Women Candidates, Slovak General Election