Abstract Filipec 2011

Abandoned Chemical Weapons in Sino-Japanese relations: From denial to cooperation

Ondřej Filipec

Abstract: As a consequence of World War II, there are many chemical weapons left by the Japanese army in China, causing many casualties and environmental problems. Since 1990, the issue of abandoned chemical weapons is open on a diplomatic level, representing an important part of bilateral relations between the two countries. This contribution maps out two decades of China-Japanese cooperation in this issue, providing basic
information about political, legal or practical problems in cooperation between the main involved actors and discovering important turning points in bilateral relations regarding this issue. Abandoned chemical weapons in China are considered to be a big burden of the past in relations between China and Japan, causing political incidents and thus representing real obstacle for improvement in relations between China and Japan. Despite the fact that cooperation between the two countries has been sometimes complicated, it can be expected that the abandoned chemical weapons in China will be destroyed in this decade. The aim of this contribution is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the historically unique project of abandoned chemical weapons clean up and all issues in development related to their destruction.

Keywords: China, Japan, Abandoned chemical weapons