Abstract Curanović

Sacrum within Profanum. The Religious Factor in Russian Foreign Policy

Alicja Cecylia Curanović

Abstract: The religious factor in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation has become increasingly important in the last twenty years. By applying historical patterns the authorities are trying to use religious institutions (predominantly the Russian Orthodox Church) to rebuild the collective memory. The emergence of religion in Russian politics is connected with the search for national identity and with the efforts to present Russia as a unique civilization. The Church and the State are propagating a common vision of global order (multipolarism) and often act harmoniously on the international arena. The Kremlin exercises ‘religious diplomacy’ which serves to reinforce ‘spiritual security’, marking Russia’s ‘culture space’ (russkij mir) and thus forging the foundations for a new image of Russia, while at the same time legitimizing Russian foreign policy in general.

Keywords: Russian Federation, Russian Orthodox Church, Russian foreign policy