Abstract Antal

Transatlantic Institutions — Remarks on their Work

Jarolim Antal

Abstract: This article focuses on activity of formal bodies; these have been created in the framework of transatlantic cooperation based on agreements adopted in the 1990s and later. The first part of this paper deals with identification of bodies and their role in the transatlantic relations. During more than 20-yearlong new period of EU-US partnership, an institutional framework has been set up, which allows dealing with many of the various issues in the transatlantic space. The second part outlines selected approaches on efficiency and evaluation of activity and fruitfulness of the cooperation in the institutional framework. This paper offers an argument that even if the relations are based on several formal channels on three levels, there is still a space that could be use. Several obstacles remain in high expectations and low political will on both sides of Atlantic.

Keywords: Transatlantic relations, New Transatlantic Agenda, transatlantic institutions, Transatlantic Economic Council