Abstract Marshment

The Value of Pragmatic Principle in Politics and Government:
Guidelines for Government Staff and Political Advisors from
Applied Academic Research

Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Abstract: The electoral and governing game needs to be played with pragmatic principle and this article outlines recommendations for political and government advisors as to how to understand, respond to and communicate with their public and deliver for them in order to achieve longterm aims. It is drawn from in-depth academic interviews with practitioners and provides applied research on market analysis methods, micro-targeting, opposition research, consultants and clients, strategy building, branding, managing volunteers, strategic communication, communicating product change or re-positioning, receiver-responsive communication and delivery management.

Practitioners can gain an invaluable insight into perspectives from those with experience carrying out political marketing. It concludes that principle is as important as pragmatism in winning the electoral and governing game and argues that political staff and advisors can use marketing in politics and government to achieve principled aims.

Keywords: Political marketing, principle, pragmatism, political advisors, government staff