Abstract Filipec_Hurtíková

Medial reflection of Euro myths in the Czech Republic

Ondřej Filipec, Hana Hurtíková

Abstract: The main aim of this article is to provide a deeper understanding of Euro myths in the Czech Republic and reveal their origins and nature. After bringing definition of Euro myths, several myths are analysed and put into theory of myths. We consider there are three main sources of euro myths: (social) media tabloidization, wrong national transposition resulting in ‘gold plating’ and the misunderstanding of legislative proposals. In all three cases tabloid and social media play an important role as the carrier of myth information to a broader audience. They help to spread euro myths among citizens and satisfy their demand for tabloid information which puts the EU in the negative light.

The media also help to spread euro myths through national boundaries as the connection between Czech and British media shows. Th e case study is mainly empirically based on the analysis of approximately 20 of the best known euro myths. Most of them have become relevant after the EU accession of the Czech Republic in 2004.

Keywords: Euro scepticism, Political Myths, Euro myths, Media, Tabloidization, Transposition, Regulation, Czech Republic, EU, Gold plating