Abstact Ferencei

Civic Activism and Political Transformation in Slovakia until the year 1998 – OK Campaign ’98

Lucia Ferencei

Abstract: This paper provides an analysis of civic activism in the territory of Slovakia since the Velvet Revolution in 1989 until the parliamentary elections of 1998. More specifically, it is focused on the OK Campaign of 1998, the consequences of which lead to an important political as well as socio-economical transformation of the country. It attempts to outline the coordination and cooperation of activists, relations between the political (coalition — opposition) and NGO forces, the involvement and motivation of “ordinary” people in the campaign and training of activists, the influence of hostile actors and fundraising of the project. I would like to question

how it was possible to create the conditions necessary for such a dominant change in this country to occur and to enjoy such success. The framework of the paper is based on an interview with the speaker of the OK ’98 Šarlota Pufflerová, various publications on the campaign and works on the transition to democracy written by Geoffrey Pridham, as well as domestic authors such as Grigorij Mesežnikov, Martin Bútora and Soňa Szomolányi.

Keywords: civic activism, OK Campaign ´98, transition to democracy, Slovakia