Abstrakt – Linek

Voter Turnout in Parliamentary Elections in 2017 / Účast ve sněmovních volbách v roce 2017

Lukáš Linek

Abstract: The article focuses on the explanation of the voter turnout based on the individual characteristics of voters. The aim is to explain the turnout in the parliamentary elections in 2017 and to point out the concordance in the voting behaviour with the preceding parliamentary elections; especially with the elections in 2013 which were very similar in terms of the voter turnout level. The voter turnout is primarily influenced by motivations such as: party identification, feeling of voting efficacy and persuasion of the duty to take part in the elections. The motivations are largely determined by age; to a smaller degree also by education and status. The text also deals with the not yet explored questions of using voter ID cards and their influence on voter turnout level or the time investment in voter turnout.

Keywords: Voter turnout, elections in 2017, party identification of the voters, voter ID cards.