Abstract Vomlela 2012

The Economic Policy of Transforming League of Communists of Serbia

Lukáš Vomlela

Abstract: The aim of the article is to explain the role of economic strategy of the Serbian communists in the late 1980s and to find the relevance of economic issues before the elections in 1990. The Economy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was in decline during 1980s and social conditions for many of the inhabitants were worsening. Socially-motivated protests were a significant part of Antibureaucratic revolution, which was supported by the leadership of the League of Communists of Serbia. After the centralisation of the Socialist Republic of Serbia, by restricting the autonomy status of Kosovo and Vojvodina, the League of Communists of Serbia focused on economic issues to avoid larger social instability, which would result further protests. It was a main part of the post-communist Socialist party of Serbia election campaign in 1990.

Keywords: Yugoslavia, Serbia, Vojvodina, Kosovo, Communism, Transition