Abstract Šmydkeová

Uzbekistan at the Centre of the New Great Game

Markéta Šmydkeová

Abstract: The aim of this article is to analyse and clarify the position of Uzbekistan as a country which attracts the attention of global powers, due to its security and strategic potential. The first part presents an analysis of statistical data. This data was prepared so as to identify which of these powers promote the most active foreign policy towards Uzbekistan within the sectors of cooperation defined further in the text. For this purpose
several indexes of engagement are introduced. The second part of the text is devoted to the global power which gained the highest value on average out of all the indexes, with an emphasis on the impact on the relationship between this power (Russia) and Uzbekistan, and on all the other actors involved.

Keywords: Central Asia, Russia, Uzbekistan, powers, geopolitics, index, Islam Karimov, economic cooperation, political cooperation, development cooperation