Abstract Ponížilová

Same Goal, Different Ways: Hegemonic Efforts of Regional Powers Brazil, India and Iran

Martina Ponížilová

Abstract: In a contemporary multipolar (or uni-multipolar) world, powerful states in particular regions attempt to take a leading role in the region and sometimes to become a great world power. This is also the case of Brazil, India and Iran — three powerful states attempting to achieve the status of regional hegemony in particular sub-systems (South America, South Asia and the Middle East). Although these powers have some common features, according to which they can be distinguished from other (weaker) states in the region, they diff er in their power capabilities, their strategies of gaining more power and of becoming a regional hegemon. These strategies do not only depend on the particular state and its capabilities, but also on the region which a state is part of, and on relations with other countries.

Keywords: Regional power, regional hegemony, great power, Brazil, India, Iran