Abstract – Pánek

Feeling Maps as a Tool for an Increase in Efficiency of the Strategic Management Process in the City of Olomouc / Pocitové mapy jako nástroj zefektivnění procesu strategického řízení ve městě Olomouci

Jiří Pánek

Abstract: Feeling maps can be understood as a subgroup of mental maps, which started to emerge in the USA in the 1960s as an interest to geographers, sociologists, and urbanists. Mental maps can be generally divided into two groups: perceptual (Lynch type) and preference (Gould type), both being named after the main representatives of the movements. The use of feeling maps resembles more the later preference maps, as through the maps the citizens can express not only their opinions but also their preferences regarding the public spaces. The aim of the project was to provide an additional source of information to the city of Olomouc when creating the Strategic Development Plan of the City of Olomouc for the period 2017-2023.

Keywords: Feeling maps, strategic development, Olomouc, public opinion