Abstract Karvai

The Undemocratic Nature of the EU — Myth or Reality?

Alexander Karvai

Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to grasp the unique nature of elite-mass relations on the issue of European integration. The general question the paper aims to answer is whether the attitudes of the elites correspond to those of public on the issue of the European integration. Due to the limitations of the current research, three groups of attitudes on a scale from Eurosceptic through neutral to pro-integrational are singled out. The combination of the three types of attitudes on both the elite and mass level generates a typology of nine theoretically possible types the relationship of
the elites and the masses in terms of their attitudes to the European integration. We also tried to identify the most important factors affecting the elite and the mass views of the European integration. The results are based on the statistical data analysis.

Keywords: European integration, elite-mass relations, attitudes, democratic deficit