Abstract Ehs

History in Europeanisation Studies: Lessons from Switzerland

Tamara Ehs

Abstract: The Swiss experience with Europeanisation is still often ignored, though it could be helpful in conceptualising this quite new field of study. A more open definition permitting scrutiny of the antecedents of the EU and a functional approach leaving aside questions of formal membership will contribute to a better understanding of differentiated integration, a trend that will continue. The Swiss example supports the case for the inclusion of historical aspects in Europeanisation analysis since it reminds us that Europeanisation is not merely a contemporary, Brussels-based phenomenon and that we should not neglect non-member states or the pre-membership history of current member states. Given the uncertain future of further EU-enlargement there may be more states Europeanised on a functional level without participating in the institutions – as is already the case in Switzerland.

Keywords: Switzerland, Europeanisation, Functionalism, Differentiated Integration