Abstract Csatlós

Stirring up the Hornets’ Nest: China and the Sea Routes of the Arctic

Erzsébet Csatlós

Abstract: The Arctic has been covered by a vast and nearly continuous icecap for long centuries and it was almost impossible to navigate through the territory and that is why it was neglected for long. However, increasing climate change and global warming has already let the world know about the real values of the icy territory and states began to submit their claims and to protect their presumed rights in the Arctic even by military means if necessary. China has no Arctic territory but its presence in the Arctic as one of the largest shipping nations of the world is the articulation of a global problem of international law to be faced: the sovereignty and the existing, often questioned legal situation of Arctic States, mainly that of Canada and Russia because of the Arctic sea routes. The article aims to examine this legal situation.

Keywords: Arctic, China, sea route, strait, Northwest Passage, Northern Sea Route