Abstract Císař

Between the National and Supranational? Transnational Political Activism, Conflict, and Cooperation in the Integrated Europe

Ondřej Císař

Abstract: The aim of the article is to propose an approach that would be able to analyze connections between supranational po litical structures and domestic political inter actions. The paper starts by criti cizing the reductive dichotomy between the ‘global’ and ‘national’. Instead of this dichotomy, the article draws on current con tri butions to the study of con tentious politics and proposes to see international politics as a triangular structure of relations among states, international organizations, and nonstate actors. Further, the article applies this perspective to the analysis of Europeanization, and current conflicts taking place within the European Union. Four patterns of cooperation and conflict are defined. The article concludes by analyzing the political debate on European integration.

Keywords: Globalization, states, European Union, Europeanization, non-state actors, cooperation, conflict.