Abstract Hurtikova

Framing theory in the field of political communication: Theoretical and methodological conceptualization

Hana Hurtíková

Abstract: The aim of the article is to present framing theory and relevant methods of research of its effect on the voting behavior of citizens from the viewpoint of the discipline of political communication. Emphasis is placed on a comprehensive definition of the valence effect of framing, which can best be applied as a starting concept for research of the existence of the contribution of framing to the formation of political preferences of the citizens. At the same time, a relevant methodological approach is presented here in the

form of the so-called macro level analysis, which appears from the nature of political communication, as a society-wide process, the most suitable approach for empiric testing of the valence effect of framing. The relevance of this approach is supported by the presentation of related scientific studies.

Keywords: Political communication, Framing theory, valence effect, news media, process of political preferences forming